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Welcome to BeerQuest 24

Crafted to spotlight the people and businesses that make up the city's vibrant craft beer community, BeerQuest24 invites participants to embark on a brew-filled journey across Calgary to find classic, rare, and historically significant beer styles as well as a few other special brews with hints along the way from more than 30 participating Calgary breweries, industry partners and a special surprise guest. 

The first person to complete the Quest and find all the beer styles wins it all!

With a grand prize jackpot of approximately $1900 in value, including coveted gift cards, stylish hoodies, trendy t-shirts, frisbees, growlers, swag, and an exclusive Calgary Brewery Tour for four, some lucky craft beer fan is going to be named the first-ever Calgary BeerQuest Master.

BeerQuest24 offers more than just prizes; it's a gateway to beer history, news and education that is designed to elevate your beer expertise. As you play, read about each beer style, enriching your understanding and appreciation of the craft while expanding your overall beer mastery in general. Explore the stories behind the brews as you visit more than two dozen participating local breweries, each contributing its own distinct flavours and creativity to Calgary's rich tapestry of beer culture and help us make Calgary "Brewery City Canada".

With some Quest items being announced throughout the summer, it is never too late to start playing. 

Join us below and be the first city in Canada to play, BeerQuest24

The Official Contest Form can be found at the bottom of this page, BUT, we strongly suggest you read all of this page to familiarize yourself with the rules and how to play. 


Step One- Review Official Rules below. 

Step Two- Go to the Official Contest Form (bottom). (sign in required)


Step Three- Find all the beers in the Quest under each category. See Sample form below. 


Step Four- Once you have found every style, submit the final form, and if you are the first to do so while adhering to the Official Rules below, you win the grand prize.

How to play beerquest



This contest is organized by YYCTOURS and is operated with respect to AGLC Rules and Regulations.  


Please Drink Responsibly.


Players must be of the legal drinking age in Alberta to enter.


No purchase is necessary. 


By participating in BeerQuest24, you do so of your own free will and at your own risk and understand the possible effects of consuming alcohol, or that you may enter into premises where alcohol is being served to other people. 


Outside of the game hints to help you find items will be provided on social media. Follow @beerquestalberta on IG and watch for announcements for who our industry partners and special guest will be.

This contest is not affiliated in any way with Instagram or its subsidiaries.


To win the grand prize, you must be the first person to submit a completed form by finding every beer style, brewing method or special ingredient listed in the Quest. See 'How To Play' above. 


To meet AGLC policies and regulations, your contest form must not have more than three (3) entries on any one day. Forms submitted with more than three entries in one single day will result in disqualification from the contest. (see exception below)


Entries may only be permitted from BeerQuest24's list of participating breweries (below). Any entry submitted from a brewery not listed below will not be accepted and no notification will be provided. 


You will be required to upload images of each Quest item, name which participating brewery it was found at and to enter the date of the find with beer name as written by the brewery. See sample form above. Your images may be reused across digital media. 


Every entry in the winning submission will be thoroughly fact-checked and verified by each participating brewery (to ensure that beer was on tap that day) before a grand prize is awarded.

The uploaded images for each submission must be of a full glass of beer with a minimum 12 oz. capacity. (ok, 1 small sip can be missing) 


Guests who are under the supervision of a YYCTOURS Calgary Brewery Tour staff member will be permitted to submit more than three images in one day, and those images may include 5oz. samples.


This contest ends on Dec 31 , 2024. 

In the event this contest ends with no winner, the grand prize will be forfeited and prizes will be divided and gifted to random players.


Prize Pool and Participating Breweries

Approx. $550 in Gift Certificates from numerous Calgary breweries.

More than $100 in growlers and vouchers from several Calgary breweries.

Approx. $500 in beer and brewery T-shirts, hats, hoodies, glasses and other swag/merchandise. 

$356 Calgary Brewery Tour for four with pick up and drop off at your location.

Thank you to the following participating breweries. Your entries may only be made at the following breweries. 

Annex Ales, Banded Peak, Best of Kin , Bitter Sisters, Boiling Oar (NEW) , Born Brewing, Bottlescrew Bills, Bow River, Brewsters

Buffalo 9 (NEW), Burn Block Social (NEW), Cabin, Cold GardenEighty Eight, Establishment, Evil Corp, Four Dogs, Good Mood (New) ,Last Best, New Level, Railyard, Stonyslope, Tailgunner, Tool Shed, Trolley 5, Two Pillars, Vaycay, Village, Wild RoseZero Issue,

Your Quest Begins Here

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