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Travel to 3 unique breweries in 3 different districts of Calgary. 

Enjoy award-winning Alberta brews.

Go behind the scenes on an exclusive facility tour. 

Groups of 4 + get picked up at your location and dropped off where needed*.

Learn all about beer through history and trivia.

3.5 hours

Starting at only $89 p/p

Any size group

For groups with less than 4, we offer 'Jump On' Calgary Brewery tours once a month on Saturday. 

Select "Jump On Tour" button and click next available date.

Have Questions? Contact us or read this article to see what our Calgary Brewery Tour is all about.


collection of beer in Calgary

Award-Winning Beer

Calgary leads Alberta in production of award-winning beer. On your Brewery Tour of Calgary, your group will sample at least 12 styles of Calgary's best beers from 3 different breweries, in 3 different parts of town. Each of these tour stops includes enough time to sample other styles or to grab some snacks for your group. If you want to stay longer for a full meal, no problem, just let us know. 

Brewing equipment

Facility Tour

All Calgary Brewery Tours include an exclusive behind-the-scenes walk-through on the brewery floor at one of Calgary's best breweries. You and your group will learn through an easy-to-follow guided presentation what each piece of equipment does, and how it is used to craft award-winning Alberta Beer.  From the silo and the malt mill to the brite tanks and canning lines, your group will see it all. 

Malted barley samples

How Beer Is Made

YYCTOURS Brewery Tours of Calgary also include information and presentations on the ingredients of beer. Yeast, Water, Hops and Malt all play an important role in determining what style of beer you drink. Your group's dedicated guide will explain how each ingredient is obtained, used, and how they can be combined to form hundreds of different styles of beer.

beer barrels in a cellar

Beer History

Learning a little bit about the history of beer along the way is a great way to understand more about the beers of today, and where things are headed. Throughout the activity,  your Calgary Brewery Tour includes trivia and insight into famous brands and styles of beer. 

A flight of beer

Beer Evaluation

With a quick tutorial on what beer judges look for when evaluating beer, you will surely be able to differentiate between the good and the bad. Be warned, you may not continue drinking what you normally do after you see what good beer should taste like. 

Calgary in the background with a beer

Support Local

By joining Brewery Tours in Calgary, your group will support several local small businesses along the way. Many of these breweries rely on people like you visiting their taprooms to try the beers they create with pride. At YYCTOURS we are proud to be a part of this community.

beer piggy bank

Save Money

Guests on YYCTOURS Calgary Brewery Tours receive special pricing and discounts on additional product or merchandise at participating venues. Also, by joining a Calgary Brewery Tour, your group will not only get picked up and dropped off,  you will visit several breweries in several areas of town by traveling together in the same vehicle without having to spend money and time on cabs or ride shares. 

meat and cheese

Customize Your Tour

At YYCTOURS we are happy to work with you to create any type of event. If there are breweries you would like to visit, or ones you want to avoid because you go there all the time, just let us know. If there are styles of beer that you really want to try, let us know.  If you would like to stop at a venue that offers food, no problem, just let us know. Whatever you can think of, we are here to help. 


Your Guide

Your YYCTOURS guide is there to make sure that you have a safe, fun and enjoyable night. Your guide is well-versed in the craft beer industry and happenings in and around Calgary. They will make sure that you stay on schedule for all your stops and return you to your drop off point on time. If you book a private tour for 4 or more guests, we will come pick you up and drop you off wherever you like* (within 10 km of downtown, additional fees may apply outside)

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