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Calgary and Alberta Craft News 

Welcome to the YYCTOURS Calgary Craft Community Education section. Here we hope to share with you not only what great events, craft beer, wine and spirits can be found in Calgary and Alberta, but also a little bit of information on the product or style history, judging definitions and more. 

Buffalo 9 brewery owners

New Calgary Brewery Set To Open This Weekend

There's a new brew in town. 

Last Best Brewery Front entrance

Calgary Brewery Turns Ten 

Last Best Brewing and Distilling is a unique Calgary brewery with a cool story. 


2024 Canadian Brewery Awards- Alberta Winners 

The 2024 Canadian Brewery Awards and Conference took place May23-25, in Hamilton, Ontario and here are the Calgary and Alberta breweries that took home medals. 

Canadian Breweries At the 2024 World Beer Cup

2024 World Beer Cup- Canadian Edition

The World Beer Cup took place on April 24, in Las Vegas and here are the Canadian breweries that took home medals. 

Brewing beer in a wood vat in the 1500s

What is Decoction Brewing?

Believed to have first been used in the 1500's, decoction brewing is a complex technique used by brewers who are not scared of a little extra work. 

beer barrels in a cellar

What is Cask Ale? Without Wood, There Would Be No Beer.

As it turns out, cask ales are more than just brew served from a wooden vessel. They offer a unique and flavorful experience and play a significant role in the evolution and history of beer.

A copper still

The Calgary Still With a 100-year old History

When Bridgeland Distillery owners Daniel Plenzik and Jacques Tremblay decided they wanted to start making world-award winning spirits, they knew they had to invest in top-quality equipment. Having crafted stills for esteemed distilleries like Buffalo Trace, Jim Beam, Maker's Mark, and even Wayne Gretzky Estates, Vendome Copper and Brass Works was an obvious choice.

collection of beer from around Calgary

Calgary's best breweries by category

With nearly 50 taprooms where you can grab a fresh local brew in Calgary it can be tough to know where to go next. Luckily, YYCTOURS is on a quest to visit every brewery in Calgary in one year. Although we have not completed our missions, and with three new venues set to open by spring of 2024, we thought we would put together a quick list by category of some of the breweries we have been to so far.

People learning about wine at an Urban iwnery

Calgary's First Winery

The term ‘Urban Winery’ is something that not many Calgarians, or people in general are familiar with. In Europe, they are everywhere, including inside Paris's Eiffel Tower, but in Canada, there are only three. One in Toronto, one in Vancouver and one right here in Calgary which is always the first stop on Calgary’s only Wine and Grape Tour. 

Stained glass wine maker

Bridgeland Distillery in Calgary is Quickly Gaining Attention on the World Stage

As Calgary's craft scene continues to flourish, Bridgeland Distillery remains a shining example of innovation, quality, and community spirit. With Jacques Tremblay and Daniel Plenzik at the helm, the future looks bright for this dynamic distillery, as it continues to push the boundaries of spirits production and celebrate the rich tapestry of Calgary's culture.

New Years Eve Traditions image

New Years Eve Drinking Traditions 

Every year, countries around the globe celebrate the coming of a new year and the departure of an old one.  Often that includes enjoying alcohol in one form or another. Here we take a look at some New Years Eve drinking customs around the world. 

glasses of different style dark beers

A Guide to Dark Beer 

Fall and winter always brings around a fresh selection of dark beers and in this guide we share what dark beers are, and why they are perfect for drinking at Christmas time. 

logos of the best breweries in each province

The Best Breweries in Canada for 2023

We added up the winners from the Canada beer cup and the Canadian Brewery Awards to determine who is the best brewery in every province or territory, and who is the best overall brewery and beer in Canada for 2023. 

Logos for all teh Alberta breweries who won awards at the Canada Beer Cup

Alberta Breweries at the Canada Beer Cup. 

Every year there are several beer competitions that Alberta breweries can enter. Here we take a look at  all those contests, who runs them, how they are judged and who came out on top. 

Calgary winners at the 2023 Alberta Brewery Awards by Calgary Brewery Tours

Award Winning Beer in Calgary - Alberta Beer Award Winners Edition

Alberta Beer Week just wrapped up with the Alberta Brewery Awards on October 18. YYCTOURS Calgary Brewery Tours takes a look at all the winners and gives you the full rundown. 

an image of hops for beer Calgary Brewery Tour

What are Hops? 

Everyone has heard of hops, but what exactly are they and why do they matter in beer? 

In this article, YYCTOURS takes an in-depth look at hops and shares how they are used and what kind of hops you can expect to find in your favourite beer styles on a Calgary Brewery Tour

an image of teh Calgary Tower

New Calgary Brewery Openings Create Several New 'Brewery Districts'. 

in 2023 there has been no shortage of new breweries opening in Alberta, and Calgary is no exception. With the creation of these new breweries comes opportunity for enthusiasts to visit at least three breweries all within walking distance. 

YYCTOURS breaks down these new Districts and lets you know what each area has going on. 

Beer Glass

Getting SMaSHed in Calgary 

SMaSh Beer is a simple, but tricky and revealing way to test your brewing skills

Every once in a while at an Alberta brewery you may see the term SMaSh beer but what does that mean? YYCTOURS breaks down what exactly a SMaSH is and why you should try one. 

Dark Beer

Baltic Porter- A quick History and Judging Tutorial 

Two Alberta Breweries won medals for Baltic Porter.

Shout out to Medicine Hat Brewing and the Establishment Brewing companies for their recent medal wins at the Canadian Brewing Awards in June 2023. Here, YYCTOURS continues our educational series by breaking down how to judge a Baltic Porter and why it is evaluated differently than most beers. 

Brewing equipment at Evil Corporation Brewing in Calgary by YYCTOURS

Finding the Good in Evil 

Calgary has a new concept brewery serving up more than great beer. 

YYCTOURS stopped into the newly opened Evil Corporation Brewing in Calgary. Their 'barless' concept packed with hidden messaging and visuals throughout,  delivers both thought inducing content on the battle between good and evil and devilishly good beer. 

The Logo for the 2021 Canadian Brewery of the year The Establishment Brewing Company in Calgary Alberta by YYC tours

Kölsch - The Beer World's Version of a Hybrid

Beer Judging - The Establishment Brewing Co

YYCTOURS breaks down the Calgary Brewery winners at the 2023 Canadian Brewing Awards and shares some quick history and information on what makes an award winning beer. This time we take a look at the 2021 Canadian Brewery of the Year The Establishment Brewing Co's My Best Friend's Girl - Kölsch Style Ale. 

Wheat Field Alberta from YYCTOURS Calgary brewery tours

Beer History-Where Beer Started. 

On YYCTOURS Calgary Brewery Tours you can almost be sure to run into some wheat based beer along the way. With Alberta Wheat being sought after world wide, Calgary's brewers don't have to go far to add some quality wheat into their creations. The History of beer likely started with wheat and more than 6,000 years later, it is still a major ingredient in many styles. 

Reichstag Building

Reinheitsgebot (German Purity Law of 1516)

We asked Ai to write us a story on the German Purity Law of 1516's impact on beer today. Many of the beers you drink in Calgary fit under this law, but what exactly is it and why did it come to be? Our Calgary Brewery Tours are always packed with this kind of information so make sure you grab a group of friends and head out on one of our tours to learn more about Reinheitsgebot and beer in general while drinking some of the best beer in the city. 

A pint of Meta Brewery Oatmeal Stout by YYCTOURS in Calgary

Oatmeal Stout 

We take a quick look at the 2023 Canadian Gold medal Winner for Oatmeal Stout. Meta Brewery of Calgary actually won two gold medals this year! This tutorial shares insight on what certified beer judges are looking for when they evaluate an Oatmeal Stout. 

A glass and Can of eighty eight brewery hammer pants beer2023 Canadian gold medal winner from Calgary

North American Style Pale Ale

We take a quick look at the 2023 Canadian Gold medal Winner for North American Style Pale Ale and let you know what the BJCP classifies as a Pale Ale. 

cans of beer from Calgary brewery Cabin Brewing Company who won 2 medals at the 2023 Canadian Brewery Awards

American IPA

We take a quick look at the 2021 BJCP Guidelines and share with you what the judges are looking for when they hand out medals for American Style IPA. 

A glass of Fest Bier beside a pool  from Calgary Brewery Project vast

Festbier - Traditional German Beer in Calgary 

Festbier is served at Oktoberfest, but that wasn't always the case.

We enjoyed Calgary brewery Project Vast's Festbier so much we had to write about it. 

Thanks for visiting the YYCTOURS Calgary Community Education Series

YYCTOURS updates our Community Education page regularly with maps,  product reviews, history lessons and more. Please be sure to check back often. 

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