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Calgary Brewery Tours 
Brewsters Brewing Review
June 16
Flight - Fruit Ale 

Often the Calgary craft scene is focused around locations that are easily accessible when there are many great breweries surrounding the city’s core. One of those is Brewsters, who picked up two medals at the 2022 Alberta Brewery Awards and who have been brewing beer in Calgary since 1991, well before the craft beer boom of 2014, making them one of the City and province’s oldest breweries. 

The wonderful folks at Brewsters have always been supportive of us at YYCTOURS, so we figured we would pop in and try out a flight. Luckily, we were able to select a flight of Fruit Beer, which is hard to do anywhere in town as many spots don’t have more than one or two on the menu. 


Fruit beers by judging definition leave a lot of room for the brewer to get creative as there really are no parameters other than ensuring it tastes good.

Our flight included a Raspberry, Blueberry and Peach Ale with a Coconut Porter as our 4th. 

Our notes on the River City Raspberry Ale and the Brewfoot Blueberry Ale were quite similar. Both were very crisp and refreshing with a nice balance of fruit. The raspberry and blueberry flavours were not overwhelming and they provided a nice accompaniment to the medium hopped ale without tasting like juice. The Raspberry Ale is made with an in-house puree and the Blueberry is crafted with 10 types of blueberries. Did you know there were that many?


Next up, the 52nd St Peach Ale which we decided to be our favourite. At first sip the light acidity of the peach made us think we were about to drink a sour. The carbonation was high and the beer popped when it hit our tongues. The Peach Ale was very pleasant and we could drink a few of these all day. 


Lastly, we had the Hawaiian Coconut Porter which Brewsters defines as a classic British Porter with refreshing coconut. One of the things we teach on our Calgary Brewery Tour is what happens to beer when it warms up. This beer is a perfect example of this.

As the beer sat and warmed in our hand, the flavours started melding together and brought out the balance that the brewer intended for. A nice blend of roasted malt with a hint of chocolate paired well with the coconut and left a very creamy mouthfeel. 

Brewsters has several locations in Calgary and across Alberta. The room is spacious, has lots of TV’s for the game and a large menu. The beer range is wide enough that any type of beer drinker would be able to enjoy a well crafted locally made beer.

If Brewsters sounds like the kind of place you would like to visit on a Calgary Brewery Tour, just let us know. 

YYCTOURS also offer Charters if you would like to plan your own event and just need a van and a driver.


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