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Bridging Community and Craft

Bridgeland Distillery is always a favourite stop on both a Calgary Wine & Grape Tour and the Calgary Distillery Tour for good reason.

Bridgeland Distillery

Just across the Bow River and northeast of Downtown Calgary lies the community of Bridgeland-Riverside. Formed shortly after the construction of Fort Calgary in the late 1800’s, the area was once home to a red-light district, Golden West Brewery and even the city dump. Although formerly dubbed Germantown and Little Italy, nowadays Bridgeland-Riverside is a tapestry of condos, shops and eateries while also being home to the heavily awarded Bridgeland Distillery. This artisanal spirit haven, founded by Jacques Tremblay and Daniel Plenzik, quietly pays homage to Calgary’s history while relying on distilling tradition and innovation and using Alberta-only ingredients where possible. Whether it’s the building signage that calls back to Eisenbergs’ Fine Furniture which once operated in the building for 97 years, the incorporation of the now named Reconciliation Bridge in its logo, or the use of a copper still from Kentucky that only has one other like it in the world, Bridgeland Distillery perfectly blends both culture and craft.

a copper still from Kentucky

The Bridgeland portfolio boasts an impressive array of spirits, several of which are medal winners on the provincial, national and world stage and each meticulously crafted to deliver an unforgettable and local drinking experience. Their small-batch whiskies, in particular, have garnered widespread acclaim for their depth of flavour and exceptional quality. At the recent 2024 Canadian Whisky Awards, Bridgeland grabbed a gold for Taber Corn Whisky, gold for Wheat Whisky, silver for Single Blend Whisky and a bronze for their Glenbow Single Malt Whisky which also won a 2023 silver at the World Whiskies Awards. 

In addition to their renowned whiskies, Bridgeland Distillery, offers a diverse range of liqueurs such as their 2023 World Award winning Moscato Brandy and our favourite, the Italian classic Limoncello. On top of that, Bridgeland also produces a variety of wines, grape based spirits and ports. Each showcasing the same level of attention to detail and innovation that their whisky is known for, and making Bridgeland Distillery a perfect stop on every Calgary Wine and Grape Tour.

From the outset, Jacques and Daniel set out to make their mark in Calgary's spirits scene by prioritising quality and authenticity. They meticulously source the finest local ingredients, from Alberta-grown grains to indigenous botanicals, ensuring that each bottle of Bridgeland's spirits encapsulates the true essence of the region. This commitment to excellence is reflected in every step of the production process and with every sip from the glass.

Visitors and Calgarians alike can experience the magic of Bridgeland Distillery firsthand through YYCTOURS Calgary Wine and Grape Tour which showcases Bridgeland’s grape based spirits and wine-based cocktails, or the Calgary Distillery Tour which offers a unique tasting experience catered to each group. Both of which also include an immersive experience that exhibits the distillery's processes and products, providing a unique glimpse into both Calgary's spirited culture and historical distilling methods.

stained glass wine maker
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