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Burn Block Social Club

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The community of Inglewood, situated just east of Calgary's downtown area, holds a significant place in the city's history, serving as its starting point in the mid-1800’s. During that time, settlements and businesses popped up like those in an online game of Civilization. The area was thriving on the east side of the Elbow River, as the west side was under the ownership of Ottawa and the North-West Mounted Police, prohibiting any settlements. However, in 1884, a portion of land on the west side of the river was sold to the CPR, prompting businesses from the east side to gradually relocate across the frozen Elbow River to what would later become Calgary’s downtown core. Initially named Atlantic Ave and now known as 9th Ave SE, those that remained witnessed residential, commercial, and industrial growth from that point forward. 

Despite over a century passing, Inglewood largely retains its original character, with buildings dating back to the early 1900s, now interspersed with modern architecture and amenities. Recognized as a Special Heritage Character Area since 1991, Inglewood embodies a blend of history and contemporary life.

burn block Inglewood Calgary

photo credit @inglewoodyyc

One such historic building that still remains in Inglewood is the Burn Block, constructed in 1912 by Lawrence R. Burn and designed for commercial and office use. In the 1930s, the upper offices were converted into apartments and a sign found under the floor during a recent remodeling reveals that rooms in the Burn Block were available for rent at $25 per month.  A little different than today's prices.

Rooms for rent sign from 1930calgary

As Inglewood continues to evolve as it did in the past, so do its businesses. On March 1st, 2024,  Burn Block Social Club will hit the reset button and open its doors, marking the transformation of the beloved Revival Brewcade which operated here from 2018 to 2023 as a brewery and arcade. Now, several former Revival team members have gathered their rolls of quarters to launch Burn Block Social Club and to welcome former regulars and new patrons alike.

arcade games at Burn Block Social Club in Calgary

While maintaining classic arcade and pinball games, Burn Block Social Club aims to focus on the social aspect of their name and to provide a more relaxed atmosphere where patrons can enjoy freshly brewed beer onsite without feeling confined to an arcade setting. The basement, formerly the boiler room, still houses pinball games, with original features such as the boiler doors and brickwork incorporated into the design, echoing the building's history and Inglewood's heritage. The main floor has been rearranged and now includes more elbow room and seating with classic arcade games located in the back corner, creating an open and inviting space for all and not just video game addicts.

Seating at Burn Block Social Club Calgary

Jason Hoeve, a former registered nurse and home-brewer, shifted his career during the Covid pandemic, fueled by his passion for making beer. With some experience at Grizzly Paw Brewing in packaging and creating craft sodas, Hoeve applied as an assistant brewer at Revival where he polished his craft making many of their core beers. Now as head brewer at Burn Block, while still offering Revivals’s familiar favorites like Lavender Haze and Blueberry Basil Fruit beer, Hoeve plans to introduce classic and historical brews such as Dunkleweizen and Hefeweizen, as well as experimental varieties like those featuring Barbe Rogue Hops, a newly created strain from France. In total, Burn Block Social will offer 5 core beers, 4 seasonal/rotating brews, and a guest tap for locally crafted cider, promising a diverse and exciting beer selection for patrons to enjoy.

James hoeve brewery at Burn Block Social Club in Calgary

Burn Block Social Club opens their doors on Mar 1, 2024. If this sounds like a place you might like to visit on a YYCTOURS Special event such as the Calgary Brewery and Arcade tour, just let us know. To see more about other great venues in Calgary, check out our news and reviews sections. 


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