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Marda Loop Brewing Co. Review 
YYCTOURS Calgary Brewery Tours
June 29
Flight- Ales 

Our home base is pretty close to Marda Loop Brewing, so we figured we would stop in for a flight. Here, they offer flights of 5 or 8. We decided to settle with 5 of the Ale family which included Jenkins Grapefruit Ale, The Big Juice NEIPA, Marda Station IPA, Mass Appeal White IPA and a bonus Red Trolley Amber Ale. 

Marda Loop Brewing has a massive amount of patio seats either in full sun, or shade, and are dog friendly.​ They also have a decent sized menu with snacks and burgers. 

Before we go any further, we want to state that the tasting notes that follow are opinions of Calgary Brewery Tour guides. We do not know everything about beer and everyone has different tastes.

Up first: Jenkins Grapefruit Ale. This slightly hazy ale certainly packed a prominent grapefruit flavour and aroma. If you like heavy grapefruit acidity in your beer, this could be for you. 

Next was the Big Juice NEIPA. We always enjoy big juicy hazy Neipa's so we were super excited to try this. On first sip we knew we had a Beer of the Week candidate with a fruit/berry aroma, however, in a few seconds the finish had quite a spicy aftertaste which is not common for a NEIPA. This tells us this beer may have been sent for packaging a little too early without enough time for everything to blend together. It could have simply been this batch , so we look forward to popping in again to try it out.

Our winner of the day was the Marda Station IPA. We found this beer clear and creamy with a pleasant and expected hop linger in the aftertaste. The Marda Loop brewing website says this is a take on a West Coast IPA, but, this version was lighter on hops for a West Coast. Regardless, this was a solid and drinkable IPA. 

Mass Appeal White IPA was everything you would expect from an IPA mixed with a Witbier. Citrus aroma, haziness, coriander , pepper , clove and a medium-light body. The yeast character that provided most of this flavor was strong, so do not expect it to be light on any of them. 

Red Trolley Amber Ale. We wondered what kind of Amber this was, Czech, International or American. Upon having a quick check on the aroma, we picked up a very sweet fruity almost cherry quality. As it warmed, that turned into a tea/fruit like flavour with a light hint of caramel. The body was light -medium.

Marda Loop did have a few other beers on tap that we did not try such as: Casablanca Blonde, Blackberry Porter, Fleur-de-lis French Blanche and a Blueberry Wheat Ale. 

All in all, Marda Loop served some decent beers that one can enjoy sitting in the sun. 

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