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YYCTOURS- Calgary Brewery Tour
Railyard Brewing - June 23  Flight- Pale Ale 

If you like beer but have children, often it can be difficult to get out for a pint. Railyard Brewing is just the place you need. Table tennis, pool, board games, pop and chips and lots of room for kids to run around. Bonus ...the beer is also high quality ). Located minutes away from the airport, Railyard is also a much better spot to wait for friends or family coming to Calgary than the cell phone parking lot. 

We recently had to pick someone up at the Calgary airport, so we figured what better time to drop into Railyard Brewing. It is located just minutes from YYC and is a much better spot to wait than the cell phone parking lot. 

As you may know, we like to keep a theme when possible in choosing our flights. All styles in our flight were derivatives of the classic Pale Ale which has a long history (as covered in our education series) dating back to the 1700’s and is responsible for changing the craft beer game all over the world. 

Our flight included: Pale Ale, New England IPA (Neipa), West Coast IPA and IPA. Railyard flights come in 5's, so just for kicks we also ordered the seasonal Dark American Wheat to keep our 'Ale' theme. 

Railyard Pale Ale: Made with a combination of 5 hop varieties from Europe and the U.S., this Pale Ale aroma provided us with heavy notes of pine and light notes of citrus. The taste was crisp, slightly sweet with a moderate-moderate high bitterness on finish but with a clean aftertaste. A great example of an American Pale Ale. 

NEIPA: New England Pale Ale was invented in 2011 by Alchemist Brewery in Vermont. They are also known as 'Juice Bombs' and here at Railyard was no exception. Although the NEIPA is a form of IPA, they lack heavy hops and focuses more on the 'juice'. We found ours to taste like Pineapple and Mango. 

IPA: We all know the story of IPA, but did you know if it is an American IPA style that it is no longer an India Pale Ale? That is because American IPAs never went to India, so they can't really be called that. Anyways, this IPA was our pick for beer of the flight/week. We enjoyed the clarity, light caramel, hint of pine and toast along with the bitter finish and aftertaste expected of an IPA.

If Railyard sounds like the kind of place you would like to visit on a Calgary Brewery Tour, just let us know. We also offer Charters if you would like to plan your own event and just need a van and a driver.


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