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Stony Slope Brewery Review - May, 2023




BRAND NEW IN MARCH 2023, Stony Slopes' motto is "Really Old Beer", but it's not because it's been sitting in a box for a few years. Stony makes classic, old world style beer. This is as legit as it gets for any beer snob and one of our 'must try' breweries this year.

Baked Lithuanian Raw Ale at Stony Slope Brewery in Calgary by Brewery Tour Calgary

Our flight at Stony Slope consisted of 'Osmotar' Sahti, 'Nathir' Dry Irish Stout (Nitro), 'Fresh tracks' Grisette and 'Nordic Pale Ale'.  Notice how you do not see styles like "IPA" here and that is because Stony Slope Brewing focuses on traditional, and in some cases forgotten styles of beer. 

The Sahti, a long-lost Finnish Farmhouse Ale style that is enjoying a resurgance in Scandanavia thanks to local home brewers, is traditionally brewed with malted and unmalted grains such as barley and rye. Alcohol content is a little higher than most at around 8% ABV. This beer is excellent and very well crafted like all of Stony Slope's beers.

A flight of beer samples at Stony Slope Brewery in Calgary by YYC Tours

The Dry Irish Stout was definitely dry, and delicious. Irish stouts are different than American and English stouts which tend to have a sweeter quality attained from lactose or oatmeal. It was unlike any stout we have seen in Calgary. 

Grisette is a Farmhouse Ale style from the mining regions of France and quite uncommon in the Alberta craft beer scene.  There are very few breweries in the world that brew this in a traditional manner. 

The Nordic Pale Ale,  is another long forgotten style of beer from Scandanavia. Traditionally brewed at higher temperatures with Kveik yeast and botanicals such as rose hips and myrtle. The aroma is fruity and spicy. 

Stony Slope makes some seriouisly great beer. 

The bar at Stony Slope Brewery in calgary, YYC beer tour

If Stony Slope brewery seems like the kind of place you would like to visit on a YYC Brewery Tour, or by renting a a Calgary Charter for your own adventure, let us know. 

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