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Calgary Brewery Tours  Review 
Two Pillars Brewery  - June 2 
Flight - Belgian Ales 
(click to learn more about Belgian Ales)

After checking out the Two Pillars beer menu online, we were super stoked to head up for some Belgian Style beers. Especially considering that Two Pillars only brews 2 kegs of beer at a time. 

We like to keep a theme when possible in choosing our flights, and here, it was easy. All Styles were picked from across Belgium's long beer history (as covered in our education series). 

Our flight included: Blonde, Witbier, Saison and Pale Ale.

The Blonde was a variation from the style guidelines in that it contained wheat, which is not standard for a Belgian Blond, however, the American Blonde does contain wheat, and this version, that it contained Belgian yeast, gave it that common spicy yeast taste and easy drinkability you expect with a Blond beer. The Belgian Blond (Blonde if it's in France or America) is a relatively new style that came about after the first World War. 

Next up, Witbier. This one was our hands down favourite and an excellent beer for sitting on the patio. A pale , somewhat hazy wheat beer with spices that accentuate the yeast character.  We picked up a nice citrus aroma and low to no hop.  Great example of the style.  Witbiers have been around in Belgium for a long time. 

The Saison, is a long standing member of the Belgian beer family. Based on its 4.7% ABV this version would be considered a table Saison and was light and spicy and carried an acceptable phenolic quality in the aroma. Yeast character drives most Belgian styles and here is no exception. A light peppery and dry finish. 

Lastly we enjoyed the Pale. Historically Belgian Pale Ales came about in the early 1900's in response to English Ales entering the region around war time.  The Two Pillars take on this beer was fun. At first we picked up some sweet caramel notes, but as it warmed and opened up, it got really tasty. With everyone's tastes being subjective, we picked up a banana flavour presumably from the yeast that worked with the malt to give off a delicious sweet banana bread vibe. To the point we almost wanted to order another and just let it sit for 20 minutes. 


All in all, Two Pillars was a great visit and they are pumping out some of the better beers in the city right now. Definitely worth a visit. If venues like Two Pillars brewery sound like places you would like to visit on a Brewery Tour of Calgary, let us know.   

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