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Evil Corporation Brewing Review
YYCTOURS Calgary Brewery Tours 
July 20
Flight- IPA's

Evil Corporation Brewing, who has been available for a while in stores, recently opened their new concept taproom, so we wanted to make sure we headed there as fast as we could to check them out. 

Evil Corp. has 16 taps, with 4 being nitro (the most of any brewery in Calgary) and as always, we try to select a theme flight when sampling beers. Here, we went with the IPA flight.  1st was NEIPATISM (New England IPA), 2nd was the Double NEIPA, which was then followed by the IPO (initial Public Offering) IPA and the MonHOPoly West Coast IPA.

On our very first sip, of our very first beer, Neipatism, we knew we were in for a treat. As we say on our Calgary Brewery Tours, even if there is a style of beer you don't really like, you can always taste good craftsmanship. Luckily for us, we love NEIPA and right away we could tell the team at Evil Corp meticulously created this brew. It was crisp, slightly hazy, lightly citrusy and finished with a medium hop. In our opinion, this first beer was an absolutely perfect example of a crushable NEIPA. 

Next up was the double NEIPA. Again, it was everything you would expect from this style of beer. Juicy, citrusy and complete with a light alcohol and dry hop finish. 

The IPO (Initial Public Offering) was a great example of an IPA. Coming in at an evil 6.66%, this beer was very well balanced. True to it's name, this beer was Evil Corp's first beer to market.

Lastly on our flight was the West Coast IPA which was super fun to drink and a little different than most other beers of this style. It was heavy on the caramel aroma with a sweet fruity ester in the flavour. Like all the beers we tried, this one was also very well balanced and with a great complexity of flavours, that can be hard to do. 

As a bonus, thanks to the owner Quan Ly, we also had a chance to try a few more beers at Evil Corp. 

The Jalapeno Pilsner was super tasty. The aroma led us to believe that this might be a little bit spicy, but when drinking it, the jalapeno was just barely in the background and did not overwhelm the tastebuds or the beer. 

We also had a new release Belgian style wheat beer and found no faults. 

After being super impressed with the beer at Evil Corp, we grabbed a 4 pack of their P&L (Profit & Loss) Pale Ale to go. As we have covered in our education series, Pale Ales are the foundation for many North American style beers and a great measuring stick when comparing breweries. It was with no surprise that we found ourselves really enjoying this take from the team at Evil Corp. 

With more than 40 breweries to visit (as seen in our Calgary Brewery Map), Evil Corp should be near the top of your list, if it isn't already. 

If Evil Corp sounds like the sort of place you would like to visit on a Calgary Brewery Tour, just let us know. YYCTOURS also offer Charters if you would like to plan your own event and just need a van and a driver.


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