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The 2023 Alberta Beer Awards Are Coming! Get Excited with YYCTOURS

Updated: Nov 11, 2023

The 6th annual 2023 Alberta Beer Awards, hosted by the Alberta Small Brewers Association, will be held at Winsport in Calgary, on October 17 and 18, 2023 as part of the Alberta Craft Brewing Convention. The convention itself, which is any brew-masters heaven, features 60-70 exhibitors all showcasing the newest in technology, equipment and ingredients in craft brewing. The event also offers brewers a chance to learn more about the industry and its trends through guest speakers covering a range of related topics from marketing to economics.

In 2022, the awards competition which featured 60 Breweries, 420 styles of beer across 32 categories such as Amber Ale, Hazy IPA and Barrel Aged Sour saw Blindman Brewery of Lacombe take home the top prize as Brewery of the Year.

With more than 130 active breweries in Alberta, this year promises to bring representation and stiff competition from the Edmonton area who have seen a 25% increase in brewery openings over the last year. Not to be outdone, Calgary is also home to the 2020 and 2021 Canadian Breweries of the Year, Common Crown Brewing and The Establishment Brewing Co., who also won the 2021 Alberta Brewery of the Year. Even more, Alberta brewers took home 25% of the available medals at the Canadian Brewing Awards held in Halifax, Nova Scotia on June 3, 2023. YYCTOURS covered that event and its winners here.

A collection of logos from the Alberta breweries that won medals at the Canadian Brewing awards.
Image Credit : ASBA

This year, the Alberta Beer Awards has 34 categories including craft sodas, non-alcoholic beer, ready to drink seltzers and the “All Alberta Beer” made with malt and hops from Alberta. The judging format follows the 2021 Beer Judging Certificate Program (BJCP) Guidelines and clear definitions of each style can be found here on the Alberta Beer Award website.

Entries for the award competition must be submitted by August 24, 2023.

Best of luck to all the great Alberta Brewers!

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